03 Aug

Sometimes logs cannot be trusted

The other day I spent way too much time debugging an issue where a temporary file I had created couldn’t be moved to its proper location after being uploaded. At first I thought the issue was related to the temporary file being created on a different mount point compared to where I wanted it moved to (I’ve heard that there might be problems if mount points use different file systems and stuff like that), but the error message invalid argument told me that this was something else. Continue reading ( 4 minutes ) »
14 Feb

One of the reasons why I love Linux

The other day I was thinking about creating a Wordle solver. One thing you need in order to create such a tool is a list of five letter words. While I’m sure there are lots of sites where I can find such lists online, they may, or may not, include things like common names and abbreviations. But you know what? I’ve already got that data on my hard drive. In my case, it’s located in the file /usr/share/dict/words (I’m using Manjaro Linux, your distro may use another location). Continue reading ( 2 minutes ) »
19 Oct

Will developers switch jobs more often in the future?

The other day we had a Teams meeting with a title along the lines of “Sweden sync with <company person>". It quickly turned out that the main point of the meeting was to inform us about not having to return to the office, as the office lease would not be renewed next year. Instead everyone would be listed as having a permanent remote position within the company. We were also, basically, told to get our stuff - and any stuff that’d help us perform the tasks given to us [1]. Continue reading ( 2 minutes ) »
09 Sep

How to configure Linux to use the KDE file picker

It’s a beautiful day at the desktop, and there’s horrible GTK file picker. Yes, I know that a lot of people use the Gnome desktop - some even claim to like it. As you might have figured by now, I don’t share that feeling. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you link to some people who share my frustration with this. Looking into a fix Now, can you somehow tell your system to use a better file picker? Continue reading ( 1 minute ) »
Tags: kde linux
06 Sep

Don't log HTTP 4XX as Errors

HTTP 4XX is a perfectly valid result to ignore - if the source of the error is a bad request. Those cases should be handled in code and should not affect your data or the stability of the system. Even if the response status code is HTTP 4XX, the system didn’t encounter a real error. It just wasn’t happy with whatever the user was trying to do. To the user, it may look like an error, but the system still works as intended. Continue reading ( 3 minutes ) »
16 Jun


I recently coined the expression Spiderware, when describing a control node sitting in a network collecting/managing other nodes and removing them when needed. I’m not really sure this will catch on, but if it does.. Remember where you read it first.
12 Apr

Building YouCompleteMe on Raspberry Pi 3

I’ve been using Vim (Neovim to be precise) for a few months now, and I’m slowly progressing on unlearning using the mouse all the time. It turns out that 20+ years of computer use creates some sort of a habit. I recently bought a RaspberryPI 3, which I had planned on using mainly for development and as an always on Internet device. Installing Neovim was not a problem (git clone . Continue reading ( 2 minutes ) »
22 Feb

Configuring Spotify Media keys in KDE 5.4

I think that KDE is an amazing desktop environment to work in, and since I often want to listen to music while I work, I want my media keys to work with Spotify. This is however often not the case after a fresh desktop install. But since this is KDE we’re talking about - we can configure it to do exacly what we want, in a few simple steps. Let’s get started. Continue reading ( 2 minutes ) »
Tags: spotify kde linux