Building YouCompleteMe on Raspberry Pi 3

I’ve been using Vim (Neovim to be precise) for a few months now, and I’m slowly progressing on unlearning using the mouse all the time. It turns out that 20+ years of computer use creates some sort of a habit. I recently bought a RaspberryPI 3, which I had planned on using mainly for development and as an always on Internet device. Installing Neovim was not a problem (git clone .

Configuring Spotify Media keys in KDE 5.4

I think that KDE is an amazing desktop environment to work in, and since I often want to listen to music while I work, I want my media keys to work with Spotify. This is however often not the case after a fresh desktop install. But since this is KDE we’re talking about - we can configure it to do exacly what we want, in a few simple steps. Let’s get started.

Hello World, version N.0

I’ve decided to scrap my old site written in Laravel 4.x, since I had trouble finding motivation updating and maintaining it. Instead, I’ve created a custom theme for Hugo, which means that you’re currently reading a static HTML file, which reqires a lot less maintenence compared to any server generated content. As the title of this post hints (N.0), I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve rebooted this site.