So, who is this guy anyway?

My name is Nalle Rooth (as you might have guessed by now) and I live in Västerås, Sweden, together with my wonderful wife and our son.


  • I currently work as a Full stack developer at Pingdom - which is Awesome.
  • I published my first website in 1996, and I’ve had some sort of website online since then.
  • I spent about 5 years at Mälardalen University - learning a lot of stuff I don’t really use today.
  • Favourite OS : Arch Linux & Mac OS X, they both {rock|suck}.

The early years

I’ve been interested in computers for as long as I can rememeber. I really started to learn about using them when I got my first Amiga 1200, back in the early nineties. Back then I primarily used my Amiga to play games (I’ve probably spent YEARS playing The Settlers), but I also used it to try out digital graphics (Deluxe Paint IV) and type in the Amiga Basic code examples from the Swedish computer magazine “Datormagazin”. Of course, if you mistyped one single character - you were on your own.

As a 10 year old boy, with no real knowledge of english - this turned out to be a bit of a problem.

This changed in 1995, when I got my hands on a PC with Windows 95 and started learning HTML. If I remember correctly, I published my first website in the first half of 1996. While I don’t have a copy of the site today, I can tell you that it was heavier to load than my site is today. There were images EVERYWHERE.

After learning HTML and copying and pasting Javscript snippets (without knowing anything about what they really did, I started to build pages using PHP. I’m quite sure that I managed to implement every possible security vulnerability possible during my first year programming. Luckily enough, the Internet wasn’t filled with great tools for SQL injection and such as it is today.

Since then I’ve been busy doing the following things (among others).

Education and Work experience

  • 2003: I got my first job as a web developer (read: template programmer).
    There’s not too much to say about this except that I was self taught.

  • 2005: Got a part time empoyment at Securitas Värde AB, later Loomis AB.
    Cash processing. I worked part time during my time at University.

  • 2006: Enrolled in Computer Science program at Mälardalen University.
    I primarily studied Computer Science and Interction Design.

  • 2012: Began working as Systems Developer at Beguine AB.
    Mostly PHP & MySQL stuff. FuelPHP, Laravel, payment integrations.

  • 2014: Got a great job offer from Pingdom, which I happily accepted.
    I work on our products as a Full stack developer (even though I spend most of my time on frontend-y stuff).

There are more details available at my Linkedin profile, should you be interested. And NO, that does not mean that I’m looking for a new job.